January 31, 2023

2023 Candidate Questionnaires

PA Supreme Court

Daniel McCaffery

PA Superior Court (choose 2)

Jill Beck (endorsed)

Timika Lane (endorsed)

PA Commonwealth Court

Matt Wolf

Allegheny Common Pleas

Patrick Sweeney (endorsed)

Allegheny County District Attorney

Matt Dugan (endorsed)

Allegheny County Executive

Sara Innamorato (endorsed)

Allegheny County Controller

Corey O’Connor (endorsed)

Allegheny County Treasurer

Erica Rocchi Brusselars (endorsed)

Allegheny County At-Large

Bethany Hallam (endorsed)

Allegheny County Council – 5

Dan Grzybek (endorsed)

Allegheny County Council – 10

DeWitt Walton

Allegheny County Council – 11

Paul Klein

Allegheny County Council – 13

David Bonaroti

Pittsburgh City Controller

Rachael Heisler (endorsed)

Pittsburgh City Council – 1

Bobby Wilson (endorsed)

Pittsburgh City Council – 3

Bob Charland (endorsed)

Pittsburgh City Council – 5

Barb Warwick (endorsed)

Pittsburgh City Council – 7

Deb Gross (endorsed)

Pittsburgh City Council – 9

Khari Mosley (endorsed)

Magisterial Judge 05-2-08

Lisa Caulfield

Magisterial Judge 05-2-31

Kate Lovelace (endorsed)

Magisterial Judge 05-3-02

Giuseppe Rosselli (endorsed)

Pittsburgh Public School Board – 2

Devon Taliaferro (endorsed)

Pittsburgh Public School Board – 4

Yael Silk (endorsed)

For the Endorsement Meeting, please plan to leave petitions for the Stonewall Democrats to collect signatures for the Endorsed candidates, and a map of the district if applicable. Endorsement will be announced Saturday evening.

As you are able, please return the completed questionnaire ASAP, to president@steel-city.org. We will continue to accept candidate applications until 5 PM Friday Feb 24th.

District Attorney and all Judges

All executive and legislative offices, County and city row offices. County and City Council and others

School Board

We will accept payment by:
– paypal “treasurer@steel-city.org” (preferred)
– check mailed to Steel City Stonewall Democrats, P.O. Box 44061, Crafton, PA 15205
– check at the endorsement meeting