March 27, 2017

2017 endorsed candidates


Pennsylvania Superior Court Judge:
Deborah A. Kunselman
Maria McLaughlin
Geoff Moulton
Carolyn H. Nichols

Pennsylvania Commonwealth Court Judge:
Irene M. Clark
Todd Eagen

Allegheny County Sherriff:
Bill Mullen

Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas:
Patrick Connelly
David Spurgeon

Mayor of the City of Pittsburgh:
Bill Peduto

Mayor of the City of Wilkinsburg:
Marita Garrett

Pittsburgh City Council – District 2:
Theresa Kail-Smith

Pittsburgh City Council – District 4:
Ashleigh Deemer

Pittsburgh City Council – District 6:
R. Daniel Lavelle

Pittsburgh City Council – District 8:
Dan Gilman

Pittsburgh School Board – District 1:
Sylvia Wilson

Pittsburgh School Board – District 3:
Sala Udin

Pittsburgh School Board – District 5:
Terry Kennedy

Pittsburgh School Board – District 9:
Carolyn Klug

District Magistrate – 2-31:
Mik Pappas

District Magistrate – 2-35:
Dan Butler

Congrats to all endorsed candidates