February 3, 2021

2021 Endorsed Candidates

PA Supreme Court

Maria McLaughlin (Video message included)

PA Superior Court

Lori Dumas (video message included)

PA Commonwealth Court

Timika Lane (video message included)

David Spurgeon (video message included)

Allegheny Sheriff

Kevin Kraus

Allegheny County Council

District 1

Jack Betkowski

District 3

Anita Prizio

District 4

Patrick J. Catena

District 8

Michelle Naccarati-Chapkis

Allegheny County Court Of Common Pleas

Bruce Beemer (video message included)

Tom Caulfield

Jessel Costa (video message included)

Elliot Howsie

Sabrina Korbel

Lisa Middleman

Tiffany Sizemore

Nicola Henry-Taylor

Chelsa Wagner (video message included)

Wrenna Watson (video message included)

Pittsburgh Mayor

Ed Gainey (video message included)

Pittsburgh City Council

District 2

Theresa Kail-Smith

District 4

Anthony Coghill

District 6

R. Daniel Lavelle

District 8

Erika Strassburger (video message included)

District Magistrate

Magisterial District Judge 05-2-04

Matthew Rudzki

Magisterial District Judge, District 5-2-19

Hilary Wheatley Taylor

Magisterial District Judge 5-3-10 

Xander Orenstein

Pittsburgh School Board

District 1

Sylvia C. Wilson

District 7

Jamie Piotrowski

Constable, City of Pittsburgh

Ward 13

Samuel Gibson (write-in)

Mayor, Sharpsburg Borough

Brittany Reno

Council Member Sharpsburg Borough

Caroline “Carrie” Tongarm

Kayla Portis

Sarah Ishman