2014 Endorsement Goes to…

The Steel City Stonewall Democrats endorses with pride the following candidates in the 2014 Democratic Primary:

Rob McCord for Pennsylvania Governor

Mike Stack for Pennsylvania Lt. Governor

Mike Doyle for Congress (PA-14)

Tom Michalow for State Representative Dist. 20

Dan Frankel for State Representative Dist. 23

Ed Gainey for State Representative Dist. 24

Erin Molchany for State Representative Dist. 36

Dan Miller for State Representative Dist. 42


Steel City Stonewall Democrats Endorses with PRIDE

Bill Peduto- Pittsburgh Mayor

Mary Gibson -County Council 3

Natalia Rudiak- City Council 4

Tonya Payne- City Council 6

Mark Tranquilli- Court of Common Pleas

Eleanor Bush- Court of Common Pleas

Barbara Ernsberger- Court of Common Pleas

Jack McVay- Superior Court


Thanks you to all of the members and candidates who joined us at Cruz.



Steel City Stonewall Board Election And Candidate Endorsement Procedures 2013

This annual membership meeting serves two purposes:

To elect candidates to the Steel City Stonewall Democrats (SCSD) Board of Directors;

To endorse Candidates for public office running in the Democratic Primary.

The SCSD Endorsement Committee, with the input of the Board,  creates questionnaires specific to the races being sought  which are sent to the candidates prior to the endorsement – election event.  Candidate responses are then posted on the SCSD website and are made available at the event.

Members, non-members, Candidates and surrogates are welcome at our annual membership meeting.  Renewing members may pay their dues at the door. New members must join by March 24th to be eligible to vote.  Members (including Candidate members) will be provided with ballots for both the Board Election and the Candidate Endorsement vote. Non-members cannot vote in either election.

1:00 Doors …

2013 Endorsement

Please join Steel City Stonewall Democrats, Sunday April 7th, at Cruze Bar to endorse candidates for the 2013 election.  Click 2013 Endorsement to read the candidate questionnaires.


Bill Peduto

Jack Wagner

County Council

Mary Gibson 3

Daniel McClain 1

City Council

Jeanne Clark 8

Dan Gilman 8

Sam Hens Greco 8

Tonya Payne 6

Natalia Rudiak 4


Eleanor Bush

Patrick Connelly

Paul Cozza

Rosemary Crawford

Barbara Ernsberger

Marcia Cooper

Marc Daffner

Marvin Leibowitz

Jack McVay

P.J. Murray

Dan Regan

Jennifer Satler

Richard Schubert

Mark Tranquilli


Photos from the 2012 SCSD Endorsement Meeting

26th March

Photography provided by Goldblum Media

The 2012 Class of Steel City Stonewall Democrats Candidates is…

25th March

On March 25th, the Steel City Stonewall Democrats convened its membership to vote on the candidates to endorse in the 2012 Democratic Primary on April 24th. Our endorsed candidates are:

Barack Obama for President

Bob Casey for U.S. Senate

Patrick Murphy for Pennsylvania Attorney General

Euqene DePasquale for Pennsylvania Auditor General

Mike Doyle for Congress, District 14

Dave Schuilenburg for State Representative, District 20

Erin Molchany for State Representative, District 22

Dan Frankel for State Representative, District 23

Ed Gainey for State Representative, District 24

David Tusick for State Representative, District 30

Mark Scappe for State Representative, District 44

Marybeth Kuznik for State Representative, District 56

Be sure to vote on April 24th!

Candidate questionnaires Photos from SCSD Endorsement

2012 Questionnaires

20th March

Below are the 2012 Candidate Questionnaires for consideration for endorsement on Sunday March 25th.  Please join us on Sunday to endorse the 2012 class of Steel City Stonewall Democrats candidates

Bob Casey – Senate
Doyle District 14
Purcell 20
Ravenstahl 20
Schuilenburg District 20
Lunny 22
Molchany 22
Frankel 23
Gainey 24
Tusick 30
Scappe 44
Kuznik 56
Murphy Attorney General
Depasquale Auditor General

2012 Endorsement Meeting

15th February

On March 25th in Pittsburgh, the Steel City Stonewall Democrats will convene its entire membership to vote on which candidates will receive the organization’s endorsement for the 2012 primary elections.

Our goal is to ensure that our membership is well-informed at the time of the endorsement vote. To this end, all candidates who are seeking our endorsement will have their completed questionnaires posted on our website under the endorsement section and they will also be available at the event.

Lastly, we have encouraged all candidates seeking an endorsement to attend our endorsement meeting where they will be given a chance to mingle with our membership and address the crowd as a whole.

The meeting will be held on Sunday, March 25th at Cruze, located at 1600 Smallman Street in the Strip District from 1:00PM until 4:30PM with the speaker portion of the afternoon …

Submit Candidate’s Questionnaire

Endorsements. Comments Off

3rd February

The filling deadline for the 2012 Steel City Stonewall Democrats endorsement is March 11th . All candidates seeking our endorsement must submit their completed questionnaire below or by email to president@steel-city.org

Minimum Candidates contribution is $25 and must be received by March 17th.

Please make checks payable to Steel City Stonewall Democrats and mail to:

Steel City Stonewall Democrats
5032 Forbes Ave
SMC 1015
Pittsburgh, Pa 15289

Our endorsement meeting will be on March 25th at Cruze, located at 1600 Smallman Street in the Strip District from 1pm to 4:30pm. Candidates or their surrogate will be given 5 minutes to speak. There will be a $5 door charge for nonmembers.

Candidate’s Name(required)
Office Sought(required)
Phone Number(required)
Email Address(valid email required)
Completed Questionnaire Upload(required)


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2012 Candidates Questionnaire

3rd February

Our 2012 questionnaire for candidates seeking our endorsement in the Democratic Primary is attached below. Candidates must either submit the questionnaire online here or by email to president@steel-city.org

State Candidates Questionnaire   Federal Candidates Questionnaire

View Completed Questionnaires

Completed questionnaires must be received by March 11, 2012 to be considered for endorsement. The minimum candidate’s contribution is $25. Candidate contribution must be received by March 17. Please make all checks payable to Steel City Stonewall Democrats and mail to:

Steel City Stonewall Democrats
5032 Forbes Ave
SMC 1015
Pittsburgh, Pa 15289

Our endorsement meeting will be held on March 25, at Cruze located at 1600 Smallman Street in the Strip District from 1pm to 4:30pm with the speaking portion expected to run from 2:00 – 3:30pm. Candidates will be given 5 minutes to speak, or a surrogate can speak on a candidate’s behalf. There is a …

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